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Course Syllabus 

Course Syllabus
Introduction to Television Production


One Credit


School:            Flomaton High School

Instructor:      Jerry Aaron



Instructional Philosophy:

Program Goals: Students participate in classroom and laboratory experiences utilizing current and emerging technology in the Television Production program.  Topics include communication, performance, camera, and editing skills as well as television terminology.  Students also learn to write effectively for television, learning to write for the eye and the ear.  They create marketable television products such as news stories, commercials, and promotional videos.  Students demonstrate leadership, citizenship, work ethics, cooperative attitudes, patriotism, and social skills through participation in classroom and community activities, and SkillsUSA.  As students advance in the program, they produce a regularly scheduled program for the school..  The Television Production program prepares students for further study in broadcasting at the college level or for entry-level positions in the television industry.

Course Name: Introduction to Television Production

Prerequisites: None

Course Description: Introduction to Television Production is a one-credit course that provides students with a basic overview of television production skills and professions.  Students participate in classroom and laboratory activities regarding all aspects of television:  performance, production, and operations.  Upon successful completion of this course, students are prepared for a specialized high school course or for further study in broadcasting at the college level.  This course is a prerequisite for all other courses in this program.


Course Outline: Participants who successfully complete this course will be able to:

  1. History of Television
  • Describe the growth of communication.
  • Explain the development of networks and cable television and their impact on broadcasting.
  • Analyze the social and political impact of television.
  • Assess recent technological developments in television production.
  • Predict the future of telecommunications.

•2.      Safety Issues with Equipment

•o       Identify safety hazards associated with television production.

•3.      Basic Camera Operation

•o       Demonstrate basic video camera operations and handling.

•4.      Sound for Television

•o       Define terms associated with sound (audio) equipment.

•o       Use audio equipment correctly.

•o       Assess audio quality.

•5.      Lighting for Television

•o       Describe types of lighting for television.

•o       Demonstrate appropriate lighting for television.

•o       Use camera lighting functions.

•6.      Television Performance

•o       Demonstrate appropriate on-camera performance.

•7.      Interviewing for Television

•o       Identify appropriate interview questions.

•o       Describe pre-interviewing techniques.

•o       Evaluate interview footage.

•o       Assess the quality of sound bites.

•8.      Writing for Television-Format, Style, Content

•o       Recognize proper television script-writing format.

•o       Identify conversational writing style for television.

•o       Prioritize information.

•o       Demonstrate writing format and style.

•9.      Editing-Basic Skills

•o       Identify basic terms associated with television editing.

•o       Practice appropriate editing methods.

•10.  Television Commercials

•o       Define basic television advertising terms and techniques.

•o       Utilize appropriate advertising techniques.

•o       Combine basic television skills to create a commercial.

11     Television Public Service Announcements

•o       Explain the purposes of a television public service announcement.

•o       Arrange basic television production components to create a public service announcement.

12               Television News

•o       Recognize common television news terms.

•o       Determine television news story organization.

•o       Combine basic television skills to create a news story.