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Course Syllabus 

     Enhanced Studies - Reading is a class designed for students who have not passed the Reading portion of the Alabama High School Graduation Exam. Standards and Objectives for Reading for the Alabama High School Graduation Exam are used. The reading subject-area test requires students to read and comprehend articles, poems, editorials, essays, manuals, catalogues, and /or schedules.  The reading selections will range from approximately 600-1200 words. Non-mastered objectives are taught, individual records and samples of student work for each non-mastered objective are kept.  A variety of high school textual, functional, and recreational reading passages from literature and other content areas is used.  Some of the texts that are used are Passing the New Alabama Graduation Examination in Reading, Alabama Student Review Guide - Reading Comprehension, and Alabama AHSGE Coach, Reading and Language.  An online program, USATestPrep is also utilized.