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FHS Student Council Association Announces Its First History Fair
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Saturday, February 11, 2017
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April 26, 2017


     The Flomaton High School Student Council Association is proud to announce the first FHS History Fair to be held on April 26, 2017 from 8am to 2pm. The history and English departments have collaborated to inspire academic interest in research.  Stuents enrolled in the 10th and 11th grades are selecting topics from all time periods in American history.  After developing a research question, students will propose a thesis based on their academic research.  Instead of just writing a traditional research paper, however, students will be presenting their thesis in a visual exhibit. The major focus of the Flomaton High School History Fair highlights the research of the students, but it also seeks to spark a genuine interest in learning for students of all ages. When the exhibits are set up, students and members of the community will be allowed to "walk through history."  

     While the focus of the FHS History Fair is on the student-made exhibits, local historical societies, museums, historical parks, educational institutions, and other historical organizations have been invited to set up booths containing information about local, state, and national history through artifacts, photographs, models, and other relevant historical displays.  To highlight the impact of the automobile on American society, the FHS History Fair will also include a small, non-competitive car show.  (Volunteers wishing to participate in the antique car show should email

     Members of the Flomaton community will also be invited into the school's main lobby to view the historic mural in the recently renovated lobby.  The historical background behind each photograph will be available during the FHS History Fair.  Members of the Student Council Association are also planning to serve as tour guides dressed in historical costumes.  

     Parents and other members of the community are encouraged to check out the new Facebook page created for this event.  Search for FHS History Fair (@fhshistoryfair) on Facebook.  Updates will be posted there as participants are confirmed.  Due dates for various steps of students' research and exhibits will be posted on the Facebook page to help keep parents and students informed.  For more information about the FHS History Fair, the Student Council Association, participants, the car show, or any other aspects of the FHS History Fair, please contact Mr. Chancery at  Mark your calendars!  

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